I am a freelance project manager & creative producer based in Folkestone, Kent. 

In 2011 I co-found ]performance s p a c e [  with artist Benjamin Sebastian, producing performance, time-based and political work. Whilst Directing this organisation, in addition to cultural programming, I built & developed artist studios, event & residency space, as well as working on the production of artists work both in the gallery & site-specifically. 

Through this work I continued to develop my interest in the interconnections between buildings, materials, people and place; leaving the organisation in 2020 to focus on this by training in sustainable-building whilst continuing the refurbishment of the current live/work complex. 

I'm currently developing a peer learning platform, Learning the Long Way (LTLW), with a focus on encouraging & empowering more womyxn & LGBTQIA+ people to work in building & making. This project is underpinned by the understanding that it's good to do stuff together; benefiting our mental & physical health. LTLW is an off-shoot of Cosmic Constructions, a sustainable building company co-founded with Isabel Pina Ferrier. 


I am interested in projects that connect people and enliven communities and believe in the transformative power of art on both micro (personal) and macro (global) levels. 


My key skills are project management (timelines, budgets & strategic planning) and gentle communication, developing projects in dialogue with clients needs. I provide bespoke project management services for individual artists, creative projects and community endeavours.